Moments of pure happiness against a mountain backdrop.

Our pool: made for days off

Splash, swim and go with the flow. Enjoy 15 metres of pool paradise against a panoramic backdrop. Bob along blissfully as you drink in the views, feel connected to nature and experience relaxation like never before.

Our sauna: the hottest place to be

Craving relaxation? Then look no further than our panoramic sauna! Sweat your worries away and let the 85-degree heat and breathtaking views get you excited for your next adventure.

Our relaxation room: wonderfully therapeutic

Whether you’re cooling down between sauna sessions or chilling out after swimming, our picture-postcard setting makes it feel as though time has stood still. Enjoy a complimentary cup of wellness tea while you’re winding down.

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Be it unwinding between trips to the sauna or relaxing after swimming. Time stands still for a while here surrounded by our panoramic postcard views. 

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