A successful start
to the perfect
day’s holiday.

What better way to start the day?

Our breakfast, your dream start to the morning. Wake up to our delicious breakfast buffet, served between 7.30am and 11am. Spend as long there as you like… and don’t forget to bring your appetite with you! Taste your way through our generous selection of culinary delights and enjoy all you need for a great start to the day.


Help yourself!

Whether you're craving a drink or a quick snack, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and sweet and savoury treats are available from our self-service Honesty Bar and Shop twenty-four hours a day. Help yourself to as much or as little as you like, write down what you’ve taken and we’ll charge the amount straight to your room. Cheers! Here’s to a wonderful holiday!

Dinner in
the holiday apartment

Don’t feel like going out?

Simply order one of our cooking boxes at an additional cost and you’ll be able to magic up a delicious meal for yourself in no time at all. Our boxes are delivered to us by our friend Othmar Raich, who loves treating peoples’ taste buds in his restaurant ‘Miil’ in Tscherms, and also creates a variety of products under the name ‘Agnes & Luis’. It’s these very products that make their way into our four different cooking boxes and later onto your plate.

Our restaurant tips

Feel like something new?

Get to know the land and its people and explore the surroundings. This is what we like. You can find our suggestions for restaurants to try in the surrounding area here.

Get our list

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