A day in your vacation home

A place of a thousand possibilities.

Whether you're an early riser, a mountain goat, late sleeper, skier or sloth… a day completely to your taste.

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6 am

Good morning!

The fresh mountain air welcomes you on the balcony. The best time for early risers to head off on their first trip out on a bike or by foot to rouse their spirits and build up an appetite for breakfast. Relaxed, full of energy and filled with absolute happiness.

8 am

Hello breakfast!

The day at My Daum wakes up nice and slowly, the fragrance of fresh coffee and bread rolls drifts through the building and one after the other our guests begin to appear at the sumptuous breakfast buffet with high quality, organic, healthy and also vegan options to suit all tastes.

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2 pm

Free time, be free.

Hiking, sauna, pool, book, box-set marathon,... Bolzano, Corno Bianco, Laab Alm, village café, Petersburg golf course, village lift, Obereggen ski resort,... stay home or go out? At the Daum you will find plenty of opportunities to fashion your holiday exactly as you like it all year round.

6 pm

Cheers and bon appetit!

If you just don’t feel like going out for once, then make yourself comfortable at the My Daum. Help yourself in the Honesty Bar to drinks for the perfect aperitif. You can silence those hunger pangs with dishes to cook for yourself created with love and care in the best meal kit style. Or you can visit our small but perfectly formed shop with its hand-picked South Tyrolean specialities. The best thing about it is that you do the cooking, but we take care of the washing up! Cheers! Here’s to a magnificent day!

10 pm

Good evening - good night.

The night-time calm begins to set in. Everything is quiet again. Time to sit together over a glass of wine for a chat or simply to enjoy the silence. The early birds are already in their nests and enjoying the view from the panoramic window before their eyes close at the end of a happy day.

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